Swedish Massage

           A tranquil modality using massage oil or cream is used with smooth, gliding strokes. Swedish massage uses firm and gentle pressure for relaxation in muscle tension by increased circulation. It is a classic massage style that will soften the skin and muscles and to ease stress.




Deep Tissue Massage

Aiding chronic muscular and inflammation-related pain by applying deep pressure integrated with various massage techniques. A focused session to narrow-in on sources of pain and discomfort.


Shiatsu Massage

A Japanese massage technique focused towards promoting self-healing, this invigorating clothed modality utilizes acupressure points. The intent behind the work is meant to energize blood circulation, decrease general pain, and help the body achieve a balanced energy flow by redirecting the body's chi.




Pregnancy Massage

Also known as pre-natal massage, this modality provides relaxation by relieving stress on those moving joints, easing increased neck and back stress,  and allows for more flexibility to muscles during birth.



    Mobile Massage

You can enjoy the relaxation and benefits of a massage at your home! Ask about how when you make your appointment!